Medicine Online Store

MEDICINE ONLINE STORE is an online pharmacy model which revolves around making the life of consumers much easier by saving time. Otherwise, a person has to wait in queues to buy medicines.


Medicine Online Store is the brain child of IT Technocrats and Pharmaceutical experts who are involved in the development of a common platform to create a scenario, systems and procedures which can ensure well-being and good health of the entire population residing across India. It is established in the April, 2018.


At Medicine Online Store, we aim to provide a platform which ensure availability of pharmaceutical products and medicines. It offers different medicines/drugs based on the prescription provided to the user by a registered medical practitioner. One can also order for over-the- counter medicines. Making India healthy with minimum expense on regular medicines and reduce their monthly budget.

This aims to think globally and serve nationally to support the cause of the government of providing medicines and health care facilities within the affordability of a common man irrespective of who they are.

Our citizens trusts the products of pharmaceutical companies worldwide and we aim to strengthen their trust further by ensuring that each one of them gets all types of medical services just by reaching us. Our only goal is the relentless pursuit of positively impacting the destiny of the people we serve.

As we are going to serve medicines and pharmaceutical goods with in the Middle East countries of the world through the best trusted international courier services or logistic partners.


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In compliance with Drug and Cosmetic Act and Rules, we don't process requests for Schedule X and other habit forming drugs.